DSS 2011 (45 of 140)Often we wonder why do we stay in the Moo Duk Kwan and why do we stay in touch with those that have shared part of our Journey.

It seems that a big part is connection. All those we meet on our journey are in some way connected to us. We have shared a time where we absolutely connected with each other sharing some common values, thoughts and goals. It is this connection that leads to the desire to reconnect after weeks, months or even years of not being in contact with each other.

Over the years this can happen in many ways, like reconnecting with childhood friends. Reconnecting with past students and training friends or even fellow testing candidates.

Recently I have been able to reconnect with many people I had good friendships with in my past and lost touch with. The conversations flowed as though it was only a few days since we had talked. It is this type of connection that unifies us and is the key to our journey.

Life long meaningful connections.

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