At Gungahlin Soo Bahk Do we offer a class for 5 year olds and above (Adults and Tigers program). These concentrate primarily on the grading requirements but also include fitness and conditioning components. There is also an introductory course which teaches you the necessary skills to be an active participant in class.

Tigers are our 9 – 14 year olds, Adults are our other students. Currently we offer a combined class for adults and tigers. The younger students benefit from the presence of adults in the class learning with them, by achieving a more mature approach to their Martial Arts, with many beneficial effects in other parts of life. The adults gain a little of the energy and enthusiasm of the tigers. The classes have more students than they otherwise would which makes for a much more dynamic feeling in the Do Jang (Training Hall).

Karate Kids

The Karate Kids program is for children from 5 – 8 years old. The senior members of Soo Bahk Do in Canberra were the first to offer a tailored class for this age group in Australia. Our instructors have a wealth of experience instructing young children.

The classes are dynamic and eductional, aiming to develop confidence, honesty and respect in a fun environment. As part of this students develop coordination, flexibility and strength through the range of movements that are used.

These classes are held in Nicholls

Introductory Offer

Our Introductory Offer is available to Tigers (9 – 14) and Adults.  The offer includes six classes with an internationally qualified Dan (Black Belt) instructor, a uniform and membership. After completing the six classes you will have all of the necessary skills to be an active participant and to make an informed decision about Soo Bahk Do.

During the Introductory Offer you are encouraged to ask questions about the style, its history and application of the lessons. We want you to be able to make an informed decision about training with us, at the same time we will be assessing you to see if you are eligible to become a member of the Academy.

Adults and Tigers

After a successful completion of the introductory course,adults and tigers are taught the true Martial Art Path in the specially designed classes. These classes include traditional breathing and hand and foot drills to invigorate and tone the mind and body.  In addition the students will be introduced to proven methods of conflict management, personal defense strategies, oriental philosophy and meditation.

Both modern scientific physiological approaches to physical warm-ups and traditional stretching and toning exercises will assist you in developing the types of movements and methods to respond to challenges faced in daily life. You can, through correct training, achieve an increased level of mental and physical proficiency in a short time.

These classes are held in Nicholls

Fitness / Special

There are a range of fitness classes now offered.  A four week rotation of Strength, Conditioning, Flexibility and Special classes is offered.  These are aimed at improving our ability to perform our Soo Bahk Do techniques.  The special sessions will include work with weapons, self defence and instructor training

Private Sessions

Private Sessions are now available with Derek Koina Sa Bom Nim these classes can be either Personal Training or Soo Bahk Do lessons.  They are available for one to four participants and must be arranged with Derek Koina Sa Bom Nim

Over 55’s

After years of instructing it was noticed that one segment of our community was not well represented in Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan. This is the over 55 age group, as a community minded, inclusive organisation we decided to offer a tailored class for the 55+ age group.

These classes are held at the Hughes Community Centre

Class Times

Gungahlin (Clarrie-Hermes Drive Nicholls)

5:45 – 6:25pm 6:30 – 7:30pm 7:30pm – 8:00pm
Monday No Class Adults and Tigers No Class
Wednesday Karate Kids Adults and Tigers Reds and Dans
Friday Karate Kids Adults and Tigers Fitness / Special

Hughes (COTA – Wisdom Street)

4:15 – 5:15pm
Monday Over 55’s Class

Instructor Training

In creating tomorrow’s leaders we encourage our members to undertake Instructor training. Our newest members are viewed as the future of our art. Instructor training requires good physical ability as well as a strong knowledge of the philosophy of our art. Speak to your instructor if you are interested in becoming an instructor yourself. Become a leader of tomorrow!